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Answers to your questions

  • Do I need a valid drivers license to sign up for the classes?
    No license is required. All you need to bring is a willingness to learn.
  • I am totally new to motorcycles. Is SoKD for me?
    Of course! We have a Module specifically for individuals that have no experience riding motorcycles: Module 1. However, it would be best that you can (at least) ride and balance a bicycle.
  • Are women allowed to sign up?
    A 100% YES! They may be called "the fairer sex", but that doesnt mean they can't learn to ride a motorcycle on track and get their knee down! We've had many female students that have signed up for our classes, including mothers and young business women. And we are happy to say that so far, all of them have been successful in our classes.
  • Why is the 2-Day Intensive and Module 3 done on weekdays?
    As the above classes are run on the track, we want to avoid the weekend crowds. Thus, with the track free of distractions, the weekdays will be the best time to do them because the student(s) will be able to focus and learn quicker.
  • What classes are available on the weekends?
    If you are only available on the weekends, we recommend you sign up for:- Module 1 (for riders with LESS THAN 6 Months riding experience) Or Module 2 (for riders with more than 6 Months SOLID RIDING EXPERIENCE). Both modules are done on the weekends.
  • Will I get a certificate upon completion of SoKD's classes?
    No. We do not issue certificates upon completion of our classes. Before 2018, we used to issue certificates of attendance to our students. But in the end, we found that issuing certificates was a redundant practice. This is because we want to focus on results, and there's no better way to show results than pictures! So from 2018 onwards, for all Module 3 and 2-Day Intensive classes, we will have a professional photographer on site, who will be taking high quality and high resolution pictures of the students doing what they came to do: getting their knee down! Something much more valuable than a certificate. ;-)
  • What happens if it rains?
    Module 1 & 2: We will postpone the class to the afternoon or to another date. Module 3: We will wait it out until the weather clears. 2-Day Intensive: We will wait it out until the weather clears.
  • Do I need to have my own riding gear?
    Module 1 & 2: We can provide basic riding gear (riding jacket, gloves & helmet) free of charge. However, students are encouraged to bring and use their own gear, as your own gear will feel more familiar/comfortable. Module 3 & 2-Day Intensive: The fees include the rental of full racing gear (full leather suit, leather gloves, racing boots and full face helmet). However, the students can bring their own, in which case the student will be given a rebate of RM100/day from the training fee. Please notify us if you will be using your own full gear before the classes. *Leather gear is compulsory. Corduroy mesh / textile fabric type of apparel is strictly prohibited.
  • Can I use my own motorcycle during the classes?
    No. Our prices include the use of bikes that we provide, which are the best bikes to learn on. Often times, your bike may not be ready / suited for the track. And having the fear of dropping your pride and joy will impede the learning process.
  • What bikes are used for the classes?
    For Module 1 & 2, the training bikes will be Kawasaki Z125s. For Module 3 & the 2-Day Intensive, the bikes provided will be race prepped Kawasaki Ninja 250s.
  • I would like to train on bigger bikes. Do you have any 600s or 1000cc bikes for me to train on?
    Putting students on big bikes will have a few (significant) downsides: 1. A big bike will be too heavy and too powerful for the student to learn effectively. 2. Putting the student on a big bike will increase the risks, and also the overall cost and fees of our classes. Hence, training on big bikes, at this juncture, is not justifiable.
  • What if I fall / crash? Do I have to pay for the damages?
    While we do our very best to prevent crashes, accidents can happen. That being said, accidents can be prevented provided that the students listen to the instructors advice and stay alert with what they are doing. Communication is key; tell the instructors if you are tired or having issues with the bike. In the rare event of a crash, the pit crew will assess the damage and the student will be given an itemised bill of the damages that he/she needs pay before leaving the class. SoKD promises a fair and reasonable rate for the cost of damages.
  • What is the minimum age that is required?
    The minimum age is 15 years old. At the moment, we do not coach individuals under 15. However, if you want to get your child into motorcycles, just send us a message and we can refer you to instructors that specialise in coaching children. Individuals between the age of 15 to 18 years old will be required to bring a signed parental consent.
  • What is the maximum age allowed?
    As the old adage goes; Age is Just a Number. ;-) We accept anyone that is above 15 years old. We've had students as "young" as 65 years old, so there is no "maximum" age requirement.
  • Will SoKD help me to race?
    We are not a full fledged racing team (yet). Therefore we do not "sign up" riders into racing events directly. However, we can point students in that direction if they so wish to. But bear in mind, our main focus is to teach our students the skills of track riding, cornering and of course: getting your knee down!
  • Does SoKD issue racing licenses?
    No. Racing licenses are awarded by the motorsport governing body of your country. We do not issue racing licenses.
  • How do I book and pay for a slot?
    Simple; go to the "Booking Page", choose a slot that you can attend, and press "book". Follow the instructions and it will lead you to the payment page. Once payment has been done, your slot is booked!
  • What are the modes of payment?
    At the time of writing, payment is done through Paypal, which is a trusted payment gateway the world over. This means that you can pay using your credit card or debit card. (You do not need to sign up for Paypal). *If you can only pay via bank transfer, please let us know by sending us a message. We do not accept cash payments. SoKD will not be responsible for any payments made to any individual or account aside from our official Paypal & CIMB bank account.
  • What if I can't attend my session?
    Just get reach of our crew, and we will reschedule your slot to another time. However, please notify us at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Cancellation and Refund policy
    Cancellation of slots is none refundable. This is to prevent unwarranted "no-shows". However, we can issue a refund (minus processing and bank fees) for extraotrdinary circumstances. (Case by case basis).
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