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Choose Your Poison

In the first 5 years of our inception, SoKD's main activity was organising our traditional "2-Day Knee Down class", which was essentially a very intensive riding programme that was done in 2 whole days, from 9am to 5pm.


While this programme was very successful (95% of students got their knees scraping by the end of the programme!), we also learned that the programme that was not a "one size fits all". We also realised that the intensive nature of the 2 day course was too exhausting for some, and this in itself posed some risks to the well being of the students. Hence, we felt we needed to organise separate programmes that taught students in a more deliberate and holistic manner. 

Thus, we now also have our Modules; i.e. 2 different modules, each for different levels of riding experience, capability and proficiency.


Our Modules are small, short duration classes that are designed to teach lessons in a "bite-size" manner. If you have the time to come for multiple classes, we recommend this route.

2-Day Intensive

Our traditional class, which is basically a 2 day boot camp of the 2-wheeled variety. If you are short on time, flying from overseas or merely want to get your knee down in the shortest amount of time, this is the class for you! 

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