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Our Methodology

If it's one thing that we've often been asked, it is "What do you teach, and how do you teach it?" If truth be told, we do have a specific work-flow and guideline that we adhere to during our classes. However, ever since we started in 2014, there have been many attempts by others to copy our approaches and training methods, with varying degrees of success.

And this stems from the fact that we guard our methodology closely. Hence it brings about instances where many think that SOKD training is a simple "put 'em on a bike and let 'em ride till they get it" system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So how do we do it? How do we help so many of our students improve so quickly in such a short time? What makes SOKD training different from other riding schools? Without divulging too much of our trade secrets, the answer is rather simple: we watch and analyze each and every one of our students when they ride. We watch out for wrong riding techniques, and correct it. We look at the placement of the hands, feet, arms, head, torso, and correct them if needed. From the years of experience, we also know and watch out for their breathing and their grip levels. And more importantly, we work on an aspect of riding that many other riding schools almost always ignore: the mental conditioning of the rider.

Sounds simple, yes. But knowing how to work on each and every detail of a rider takes a keen eye and years of experience. Which is something we at SOKD are proud to have. And because of these special skills, our students' undergo incredible improvement in a time-span unseen anywhere else.

SOKD instructors analyze and discuss slo-mo videos of the students to help them improve better and faster.

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