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When a dream becomes a reality.

This, ladies and gentlemen, are pictures of a dream come true.

In fact, these pictures are the result of a decision made long ago that culminated into these awesome snapshots.

This is the on-going story of Mr. Ohm, an SOKD alumni.

Ohm, who is from Thailand, has been in love with motorcycles since a very young age. When we first met him in 2018, we immediately saw how long he's had this love affair with motorcycles.

He'd talk about Noriyuki Haga. And Colin Edwards. He remembers fondly of the iconic last race in 2002 where Edwards, riding a Honda SP-1, won the WSBK title for the 2nd time, beating Troy Balis on a Ducati. He'd share his thoughts about the old days of Grand Prix motorcycle racing, and how he grew up with the high-pitched shrill of 2-Stroke engines.

Through the years, he's owned a few bikes that have touched his life, including an SP-2 (successor of the venerable SP-1), and even an NSR 150.

In other words, when it came to motorcycles, Ohm is an old soul.

But something was missing...

How can one be so in love with motorcycles and know all the gods of racing, but yet, for so long, riding like them seemed like an impossible dream?

So in 2018, he signed up for our classes. And finally, after years of being a mere spectator, he became a rider like his heroes.

Recently, Ohm finally got to realize his longtime dream of riding in Sepang.

Some people would go to track day after track day and go home with pictures of them upright, hoping that finally they will somehow get a nice picture of themselves cornering knee down in Sepang. Hundreds or sometimes even thousands of Ringgit/Dollars are spent chasing the seemingly elusive dream shot.

But some people, like Ohm here, made the smart move of signing up for our classes first. So when it was time for him to rock Sepang International Circuit, he went home proud with these awesome pictures and memories.

We've heard people say: "Don't waste time and money learning from SOKD. You can learn it yourself."

When you see these pictures of Ohm riding his bike first time out in Sepang, you have to ask, "Who's wasting time and money? Because it certainly isn't this guy . "

Ohm, next up: Buriram International Circuit!

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